Direct manufacture of orthodontic aligner appliance

United States Patent Application 20130122448 A1 · Filed: 01/10/2013 · Published: 05/16/2013
A method for fabrication of an orthodontic device having tooth-fitting cavities, such as an aligner, using layer-by-layer printing of a single or multiple polymeric materials. The cavities of the appliance or an appliance mold are defined by the boundaries of the multiple layers, encapsulating up to fourteen teeth of a patient, and shaped to apply a load to at least one tooth that is sufficient to cause movement of the tooth, and remodeling of the adjacent bone. In the case where the cavities form an appliance mold, the mold is used to form a positive model and an appliance is formed thereon. A series of such appliances may be used to treat malocclusion of teeth, each appliance used in series to incrementally move one or more teeth from initial positions toward a desired final position. The appliance may be fabricated with a variety of disclosed materials, and may include auxiliary features for interaction with other orthodontic elements.

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