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28 April, 2014 EnvisionTEC USA
Nimrod Tal, a graduate in dental technology from Jerusalem, set up NimroDENTAL. A full service orthodontic laboratory located in the Harley Street area of London in 1991. The management team at NimroDENTAL jointly has over 80 years experience in the field of Dental Technology.

Nimrod Tal used 3D printing to produce orthodontic models in the past, but found the technology at the time slow and unreliable despite the potential. In 2013 he approached EnvisionTEC and their UK distributor 3DRP and offered his services in helping to Beta test the ULTRA® 3SPTM Ortho. The patented 3SPTM (Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure) process offered to produce NimroDENTAL’s fast and accurate models.

The Beta machine was installed during the summer of 2013 and the results were showing instantaneous benefits for Nimrod and his team, “It was unbelievable. We saw the excellent surface finish of the models, which needed no support material, something we had seen before. It was so economical to run and we were so impressed we immediately purchased the beta machine and have gone on to order many more”.

The process NimroDENTAL takes is as follows:

The team take a 3 Dimensional scan of the gypsum model that has been sent to them, using 3shape and Maestro scanners, this usually take a few minutes.

Using specialized software, NimroDENTAL will set out the treatment plan and email the prognosis to the client. Once approved, the models are created in the software and sent to the ULTRA® 3SPTM Ortho printers.
The ULTRA® 3SPTM Ortho uses a laser head to Scan, Spin and Selectively photocure liquid resin to “Print” and build up the 3D models in a dental resin designed for orthodontic model production.

This takes approximately 2 hours to complete a full build of multiple models and once finished, they are simply washed off to allow the technician to create the orthodontic appliances on the models.
The finished orthodontic appliances can be sent to the client within 3 days.
Ultra 3SP 2
Nimrod Tal says “The improvement in speed, quality and reliability was instantly recognized by the team, but what really captured our imagination was the cost savings. The process has no waste material to flush away which meant each piece was 40% cheaper than other 3D printing technologies. We were so impressed that after one month we ordered a second machine. In October 2013 we ordered another 3 ULTRA® 3SPTM Ortho units to bring our total to 5 in four months. The amount of business we have gained through this technology, has lead to expansion of the company and we foresee NimroDENTAL having to order additional ULTRA® 3SPTM Ortho units and scanning equipment in 2014 to meet demand.”

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