Orthodontic archwire

EP2204136 A2
European Patent Application EP2204136 A2 · Filed: 04/13/2001 · Published: 07/07/2010
The invention relates to a manufactured orthodontic archwire, made from a wire which, in a relaxed state, has a generally arcuate configuration corresponding to an archform for a particular patient. The manufactured orthodontic archwire comprises a series of straight segments for placement into a slot of a bracket bonded to a tooth of the patient, which are connected to each other by curved segments, comprising bends and/or twists, each forming a precision geometrical relationship between adjacent straight segments of the wire. At least one pair of adjacent straight slot segments are connected to each other by a curved segment comprising a combination of a bend and a twist, which forms a precision geometrical relationship between the adjacent straight segments in the wire.

The invention also extends to a robotic wire bending system comprising a bending robot and a robot controller, the bending robot producing a multitude of customized archwires as described above for a multitude of patients.

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